Connecting the Dot + IndigNation @ Pink Dot 2017

Pink Dot has been under an unusual amount of pressure this year, what with new restrictions on local and foreign sponsors, and police demands that the event be barricaded to ensure that no foreigners participate.

This is why IndigNation has started a new initiative this year to encourage more people than ever to attend this rally in the name of the Freedom to Love.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.29.07.png

Connecting the Dot is aimed at people who would like to go to Pink Dot, but would rather not attend alone. We’re offering you an opportunity to meet with a friendly group at a convenient location before going down together.

This is about making Pink Dot accessible to everyone and making sure nobody has to go alone. So do invite all of your friends and make a trip out of it!

Click on this Google Drive to find a meeting  place that’s good for you!

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.35.30.png

If you want to meet our group: at 4:30pm on July 1, the IndigNation team is gathering at the Starbucks in Bugis Junction to show our unity and solidarity by going Pink Dot together. This is an open invitation to EVERYONE to join us and maybe even make new friends!

Look out for Azura who will be wearing a red T-shit that says “Liberté, Egalité, Bisexualité” for a contact point.

We will leave promptly at 4:45 so please be 15 minutes early. And remember to bring your IC!

We’re also using the Community Tent to create a Chillout Space, in collaboration with The Humanist Society, She+ Pride, SG Rainbow and Women’s Night. I just went shopping for Daiso products to furnish it!

19620324_10103278237068432_4098560970204479769_o (1)

This space is intended for people to use to step away from the crowd and bustle of Pink Dot which may be overwhelming or otherwise anxiety causing for some. Please use this space as much as you need.

Please be mindful of its intent, in particular: We intend for the space to be calm, and chill, please help us create this. Let’s try to keep the volume, movement and crowds in here low. We intend for people to use this space when they need it as much as they need it. Do make space for others who might need it more than you do.


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