The Pink Run

Saturday Aug 16
Nicoll Highway MRT station Exit A


From Nicholas Deroose, the organizer.

1. The Pink Run is officially canceled because we do not have a police permit to carry on with the activity. (please see below for the official response) I have sent some follow up questions but they have yet to be answered. Calls have also been unanswered.

2. However, people are still free to show up and run in their own personal capacity. There are no laws against running. You just won’t be a participant of the Pink Run.

3. I will still show up at the agreed meeting point to tell anyone who has missed this message that the run is cancelled but you are free to run on your own.

4. If you like to read a more in depth analysis of the rejection issue, Vincent has written a blog post

Thank you all for your responses so far. I hope to try again next year.

Dear Mr Nicholas Deroose,

Please refer to your permit application, PP/20140630/008.

The purpose of the proposed event you have stated in your application is related to LGBT advocacy, which remains a socially divisive issue. We regret to inform you that your application is rejected in the interest of public order. You may wish to consider conducting your event at the Speakers’ Corner instead.

Please contact Inspector Patrick Koh Kok Keong of Compliance Management Unit at DID: 6557-5133, should you have any queries.

Loi Yong Tang
Compliance Management Officer
Central Police Division | Singapore Police Force
DID: + 65 6557 5132 | Fax: +65 220 6742 | E-mail:Loi Yong

7 years ago, the first and only Pink run was organized as one of the many events of Indignation. The run, a causal affair along the Singapore river, never officially happened. As we were about to flag off some 40 runners, plain clothed policemen came up to the organizers and told them that we were contravening the Miscellaneous Offense Act. The police did not cite which part of the act we were contravening but only that a gathering of four or more people is consider illegal.

Fast forward to the present, we would like to try again and stage the second Pink run in Indignation’s ten year history. What would happen? We don’t really know but we would certainly like to find out.

Nicholas Deroose


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