IndigNation Programme (30 Jul – 30 Aug 2009)

All events are open to free public admission unless otherwise stated.

The programme is subject to unforeseeable changes, so please check this website for updates. For media and other enquiries, please write to:

To download the calendar summary, please write to click here.  

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30 July, Thursday

For Ages 4 and Up, 7pm @ Utterly Art (229A South Bridge Road)

Aiman Hakim - kindergartenIn his first solo exhibition, Aiman explores the ‘absurd’ notion of self-individuation, in a culture where communal ideologies still dominate. His works involve the repeated use of iconic  representations of ‘a perfect man’ in different stages of his life – various Ken dolls that have been generated over the years, ranging from vintage to the very recent. Aiman implies the idea of conformity in his ordered replication of figures and use of uniforms and props to denote various organisations. His style, in jest, is extremely childlike and highly saturated, suggesting an almost deliberate ignorance with regards to addressing the issue.

The exhibition runs until 8 August 2009. 

31 July, Friday

Opening Party, 11pm @ Play, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road

What’s being gay without play! Come along to our opening party at Play Club. Dress to the nines, drinking, dancing, living. Relive those revolutionary moments once more, shake and boogie to the classic gay anthems from the 70s to modern favourites to the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga! Proceeds for the night will go to Action For AIDS.


1 August, Saturday

Opening Reception, 7.30pm @ 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road

People Like Us’  annual reception is becomiLayout 1ng a tradition. Along with finger food and wine, this year the programme for the evening includes:  (1) the presentation of the 2009 Dignity Award, (2) the announcement of the winners of the Rascals Prize, (3) the launch of a Coming Out guide by Sayoni, (4) poetry by Koh Jee Leong, as a preview to the much anticipated ContraDiction, Indignation’s premiere writing-and-music event.  All are welcome. Come and be emancipated!


2 August, Sunday

Rascals Presentation I, 2pm @ Post-Museum (107 Rowell Road)

Audrey Yue: The Illiberal Pragmatics of Creative Queer Singapore: Cultural Policy as a Technology for Sexuality

This presentation will provide a new framework to situate the emergence of Singapore’s queer cultures. This framework refutes the globalisation of sexuality thesis and suggests that local queer cultures have emerged not through the post-Stonewall politics of sexual rights, but through sexuality as a technology for cultural policy.

This is evident in recent years that have witnessed the cultural liberalisation of the creative industries. Singapore’s top-down illiberal but pragmatic approach to cultural production has paradoxically encouraged queer social, economic and cultural forms to emerge from below. Using examples from fiction, theatre, film and nightlife, Audrey extends the theorisation of illiberal pragmatics to show how it is a material force for local queer individuality and social action.

Phil C. W. Chan: Shared Values of Singapore: Sexual Minority Rights as Singaporean Value

For scholars of comparative constitutional law and human rights, Singapore offers an ‘exceptional platform in terms of the number and diversity of issues that require and excite  discussions. This paper examines how the Singapore government opposes sexual minority rights development on the basis of a Singaporean ‘culture’ that revolves around certain ‘shared values’. Persons belonging to sexual minorities in Singapore must therefore overcome a formidable hurdle in order to realise their right of equality, and the legal situation affecting them provides useful insight into the development of human rights and governance in Singapore in general.

After locating the Singapore government’s position on human rights by deconstructing Singapore ‘culture’,  this paper then deconstructs the relevant laws affecting persons belonging to sexual minorities in Singapore and, finally, explores whether and how Singapore may develop its own jurisprudence on sexual minority rights under the framework of legitimate constitutional comparativism. 


5 August, Wednesday

One Night in Bangkok: Chris Coles, 7pm @ Forth Gallery (69A Pagoda Street)

The blinding neon and shady denizens of the Bangkok night are captured vividly iboys_town_bangkokn American painter Chris Coles’s watercolour renditions of the lurid and colourful world of the Thai capital’s notorious nightlife.

Heavily distorted lines and strong, clashing colors dominate in these paintings which portray a chaotic, edgy noir world of colliding intention and misplaced desire, lives out of balance, male-female compulsion, alienation and disassociation. They echo the German Expressionist paintings from Berlin in the early 1900’s as well as the Paris nightlife paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec, Desexy bar bangkok 300gas and the early Picasso.

Organized into twinkling street scenes, situational encounters and mesmerizing portraits of the girls, the boys, the kathoeys (ladyboys) and their clients, Chris Coles shows us how the Bangkok night isn’t “only a sordid money-machine servicing the low-end of humanity”, but “an authentic and unique setting in the ongoing cultural history of mankind”. Exhibition runs until 16 August 2009.


6 August, Thursday

All You Need Is Love, 7pm @ Post-Museum (107 Rowell Road)

logoAll You Need is Love is a photo exhibition about… what else, but love. Submitted by members of the public, the photos are of people with their loved ones. This exhibition celebrates the fact that love does not discriminate and that, whether straight or queer, we can all love one another. Organised by Post-Museum in partnership with the Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance (SinQSA). The exhibition runs until 16 August 2009.


7 August, Friday

ADLUS Night Hike: Southern Ridges, 8pm @ TBA

The Southern Ridges comprise a 9-kilometre chain of green, open spaces spanning the rolling hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park before ending at West Coast Park.

It is an area steeped in history and is home to some of nature’s greatest gifts of flora and fauna. It is also one of the best spots in Singapore to catch panoramic views of the city, harbtour and the Southern Islands.

from National Parks Singapore + Sign yourself up at


8 August, Saturday

“I’m a VolunQueer!” Celebrating Volunteers who are Queer,  2pm @ 72-13

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a volunteer and what motivates one to work for little or no financial reward? And what has it all got to do with being queer?

Come join us for a relaxed afternoon in conversation with a group of volunqueers – Ovidia Yu, award-winning female novelist, short-story writer & playwright, who also helps out at an animal welfare charity in her spare time; Bian, who will share with us his conservation efforts as a volunteer; Jefferey, a passionate student volunteer with a humanitarian cause; Rizal, who has a soft spot for children with disabilities & terminal illnesses & volunteers with them; Jerry, founder of SPACES & VolunQueer headerorganiser of A Nation in Concert; and Yock Leng, a social worker who works with volunteers & female sex workers.

This event is facilitated by Leow Yangfa & co-ordinated by Jolovan Wham, two passionate social workers with experience working with volunteers in empowering communities.

Rascals Presentation III,  5pm @ 72-13 (NEW!)

Helaine Zhang: Rock the house : Nationalism and Queer Bodies in Singapore Cinema

Nationalism seeks to control order by ensuring what seems to be a “clear” regulating of its citizen’s heterosexuality. What happens when queerness intrude into the nationalistic formula that controls sexuality? The presence of queerness differs with the values that nationalism promote and as such serves as a chaotic threat to the clear imagined sexual boundaries set by nationalism. The paper will examine how the presences of the queer body in Singapore’s contemporary films highlight the “cracks” in nation building. Local films such as Be with Me, Forever Fever and 15 will be discussed to show how queerness is crucial, as a threat towards nationalism. Queerness serves to rock the “house” of the nation through questioning its structures.

Chris Tan: A Great Affective Divide: Critiquing Gay Citizenship in the Singaporean Developmental State

Despite some 40 years of intensive nation-building, the People’s Action Party (PAP) has generally failed to instill a concrete sense of national belonging among citizens. Although prominent local writer Catherine Lim had us believed that “a great affective divide” has estranged citizens from the PAP and effectively inhibited patriotic expressions, I argue further that the lack of national affect arises from the Singaporean developmental state, of which its national raison d’être lies in its economic well-being. Henceforth, the state guards its control jealously over this and other emerging nationalistic discourses using such discursive devices known locally as “OB markers”.

As a result, these “OB markers” limits national identity formation largely to economic development and alienates Singaporeans. Gay Singaporeans, who suffer a double alienation from the state’s criminalization of their sexuality, began to publicly display their patriotism in the past decade. Using fieldwork data,  I will examine how individuals negotiate over the meanings of citizenship with the state and reveals the discursive limits of state citizenry. My call is for citizens to become more socially engaged, so as to expand their capabilities in defining what it means to be Singaporean. 

9 August, Sunday, National Day

The ‘Unofficial’ Pink Picnic, 5pm @ Singapore Botanic Gardens, in front of the Shaw Foundation stage

pink picnic montageOnce again, we are not organising any formal gathering, but calling all lovers of LGBTs to find their little spot on the green and make it pink. Miak Siew will be delighted to play the little pink bee and deliver his pink nectar.

National Day Parade, Come Together! 7pm @ Marina Bay

Come Together! Directed by Ivan Heng. Show your support by turning up or tuning in!  




12 August Wednesday

Film: Ghosted by Monika Treut (R21), 8pm @ The Arts House


With acclaimed reviews at major gay and lesbian film festivals, IndigNation is proud to present an inter-cultural film by Monika Treut, shot inBusch Germany and Taiwan. The tale tells of Sophie’s search of a lover’s past and the remembrances of fond memories for the protagonists. For all who love Taiwan and heartfelt romance, we present Ghosted. Get your tickets early as this exclusive double screening will definitely be a sold-out event.

$10 admission tickets are now available from The Arts House Box Office


13 August Thursdaybusch1

Film: Ghosted by Monika Treut (R21), 8pm @ The Arts House

As above. 

Bearspective, 13/8 – 15/8 @ Play (21 Tanjong Pagar Road)

bearspectivesfiveIndigNation is delighted to introduce the Pride season debut of SgRainbow, whose mission is to provide a platform for LGBT youths.  Bearspectives is an art exhibition with a child-like twist. Incorporating plain white teddy bears as a medium, 11 youths from all walks of life and sexuality have decorated the bears according to their idea and perspectives if what being queer is like. The exhibition will be held on from 13-15 August at PLAY club where all are welcome to view.


14 August Friday

Film Gala: Devotee by Rémi Lange + Tanjong Rhu by Boo Junfeng, 8pm @ The Arts House

jaquette_devoteeHervé is a 43-year-old man born without arms or legs, whose body marks him as an outsider to the men he desires. He meets an attractive man online who is a devotee (devoteeism or acrotomophilia) – sexually attracted to people with amputations. It could be the perfect match but is the true connection Hervé seeks possible with a person whom he knows only sees him as a fetish? Quiet, and reflective, Devotee is both an intimate exploration of desire and of disabled sexuality. Film rating to be advised.7e25556f

$10 admission tickets will be available  from The Arts House Box Office 


15 August, Saturday

OutRace : Racing Through History, 2pm @ Play (21 Tanjong Pagar Road)

After the successful Labels and Love youth forum on 28th March, Oogachaga, Young OUT Here and dirrtyremixes are bringing a totally different experience to the community this August! We will be having the first ever OutRace!

If you are between 18-24 yrs old and you think you know your Singapore queer history and geography, or if you would like to learn more about gay history tucked away in quaint community places while having fun, register NOW.


Come this Indignation, race around Tanjong Pagar and Bugis areas, tracing pivotal LGBT venues in teams of 4 to gather clues, solve puzzles and be the first team to reach the final destination! Challenge your mind and test your memory – Attractive prizes worth up to $600 await the top team of the race! Winning teams will walk away with LePride Accessories, Garden Slug Food vouchers and more. All participants will also go away with fun-filled goodies bags!

To register, email the following details to full name, contact number, age, gender, emergency contact, relationship and number. You may register with up to three other friends to form your own group, or do so individually and make new friends. Registration deadline: 14 Aug 2009.


Come Out for What? An Interactive Session with Oyoung Wenfeng, 2pm @ 72-13 欧阳文风“走出衣柜 活出自己”分享会, 2pm @ 72-13 (莫罕默苏丹路)  1s(1)

同性恋是关乎“是”和“不是”,没有所谓“做”和“不做”。在这个科技发达丶资讯通畅的年代,教育水平和生活素质皆提升了,为什么还有这么多人以为“做同性恋”是件容易的事?究竟“同性恋生活型态”(gay lifestyle)是什么东西?社会对同志的种种误解丶偏见和谬论,是怎么产生的呢?






Many societies in the world today still do not know what homosexuality is. Many people continue to think it is a lifestyle, as if homosexuality were a state of “doing” rather than a state of“being”. One reason is that unlike other minorities, gay people can choose to hide in the closet to avoid facing the oppression from the society and pressures from families. And it seems so easy to pass off as straight.

The invisibility of gay people has somehow contributed to an overflow of stereotypes and unchecked fears toward homosexuals. The society’s ignorance of homosexuality is largely due to most people lacking personal acquaintance with gays and lesbians. In response to these prejudices, gay people need to step out of their closets and create alliances with heterosexuals. Do we understand why some people have negative attitudes toward gays? What can we do to empower one another to come out? What are some strategies to help our family members understand homosexuality? These are the issues that will be explored by O. Young in this closed-door interactive session conducted in Mandarin.

Bestselling author, award-winning journalist, first Malaysian gay pastor, veteran Fridae columnist – O. Young Wenfeng is most outspoken gay advocacy writer and sociology and divinity scholar from Malaysia whose call for gay acceptance is heard from Boston to Kuala Lumpur. As part of his public education tour which will take him to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore this July and August, he will meet readers and friends for a heart-to-heart chat.

The event is by invitation only. Please register by sending an email with the subject head “oyoung” and your full name and contact number to

Rev. Oyoung Wenfeng (Christianity Talk) 7pm @ Free Community Church

Oyoung Wenfeng will talk about Christianity and living homosexual lives. As part of his Asia tour this August, Oyung will deliver talks, workshops and courses in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia and Singapore. IndigNation is honoured to have him graced our pride season this year.

The event is by invitation only. Please register by sending an email with the subject head “oyoung” and your full name and contact number to  

 Apprehending the Gentlemen, 7pm @ 72-13

Indig_SgB_2009_BigSgButterfly, the group for transgenders and transsexuals will be holding an open forum discussion on Female-to-Male transsexuals. Four trans-men will be talking about their journey of transitioning. Find out how they define themselves and relate to the gay women community. The forum focuses on understanding the effect of their transitioning within their family, friends and social aspects, and how it differs from the experience of trans-women. 


16 August, Sunday

The SinQSA Game Show!, 3pm @ 72-13

Organised by the Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance (SinQSA), the SinQSA Game Show promises to bring fun and test the ‘alliance’ between straight and queer friends. Form a team of two: 1 being straight, 1 being queer-identified (LGBT), and sign up for the contest.

Your team will battle other teams through three rounds of games, their formats include the Pyramid Game, the charades, and Taboo. The top 3 teams stand to win prizes. Please refer to our website for registration details. Registration will close when 12 teams have registered or by August 5, 2009, so what are you waiting for?


We also welcome donations and interested sponsors who want to be part of this event. Proceeds will go to funding the event, as well as photo exhibition All You Need Is Love, which will feature photographs containing at least one straight and one queer persons, capturing happy moments of friendship and love. See you soon! Join the Facebook event group  at


Male, female or neither?, Mandarin forum, 7pm @ 72-13


是新加坡“ 男不男,女不女”的另类族群突然多了吗?还是他们更加不怕表达自我?大众如何看待这些边缘族群如”娘娘腔“和”男人婆“?他们在大众文化传媒如本地的电视、电影、广告以及其他领域如剧场,是如何被再现(represented)的?华文报章媒体对英文报章媒体对性边缘族群的讨论是有何异同?性别表述,和性取向有关系吗?大众媒体对性别和性取向的联想?

Are there more androgynous individuals in Singapore in recent years, or they are more daring in self-expression? How does the public view these minority groups, such as ‘sissies’ and ‘tomboys’? How are they represented in local media such as TV, movies, advertisements and theatre?

A discussion on the impressions and representations of sexual minorities in Singapore, Irene Oh invites four distinguished speakers from the media and academia to discuss these controversial matters.


20 August, Thursday

同类 by Ken Ang, 8pm @ Same Pub (208 South Bridge Road)

由得奖作家 Ken Ang 撰写、取材自真实故事的同类,乃是新加坡首本中文同志小说,故事讲述本地同志的情事与他们的喜怒哀乐本地音乐人Tin Ang也特为本书词曲创作,并且兼演唱了两首主题曲剩下放心恭请您出席同类的新书发布会,参与聆听KenTin分享彼此的创作过程和心得。



同类 will be the first anthology of Singaporean gay Chinese fiction. Written by award winning writer Ken Ang, the book chronicles the lives, losses and loves of Singaporean gay men based on true but fictionalised accounts of gay men in Singapore. The book is accompanied by two songs written and performed specially for the book by Tin Ang and represents a milestone in Singapore’s gay writing. Come and join us for the launch as we hear Ken and Tin share their thoughts and hearts about the making  of 同类.

21 August, Friday

No More Daddy’s Little Girl,7.30pm @ Oohtique (50A Circular Road)Karen-018

Launching her unabashedly passionate and  poignant autobiography, Karen Lee chronicles her life as a tenacious woman born into the traditional half-Burmese and Chinese roots, who had been through an arduous journey in search of the most wonderful treasures known to man – love and acceptance from God, family and friends and most importantly, herself. Her fighting to be accepted as a lesbian Christian in the current society ensues. 

22 August, Saturday

No More Daddy’s Little Girl, 2pm @ Borders Wheelock

See above.

Body 2 Body: A Malaysian Queer Anthology, 3pm @ 72-13

body2bodyThe first of its kind, this book is a compilation of original creative writing on the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and transvesties of the country. Long denied voices in the mainstream, the queers of Malaysia are boldly and fabulously represented in 23 stories, fiction and non-fiction. From coming out to coming home, breaking up to breaking down, changing sex to changing heart, the stories are different from anything you may have read in — or about — Malaysia.

At its Singaporean launch, Brian Gomez, Ann Lee and O Thiam Chin will read from their own writings. The editors Jerome Kugan and Pang Khee Teik, who read at “Heartbreak Heroes” during IndigNation 2008, will introduce the book, answer questions and attempt to sell limitted copies of the book to fund their transport back to Kuala Lumpur.

The event is by invitation only. Please register by sending an email with the subject head “body2body” to

Who Claims 《东方不败》?, 5-9pm @ Post Museum (109 Rowell Road)

Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia’s – better known as 林青霞 – or, according to others The Last Movie Star of the East (最后的明星), rendition of Tsui Hark’s (徐克)《东方不败》left an indelible image in many Asian gay men’s hearts, of how a man can successfully transform himself into a woman. But, more to that, every Asian gay man each has a story to tell; their own version of how 东方不败 is supposed to be, in their bodies. To others – especially straight men – Tsui Hark’s timeless classic has different meanings, as a line in the movie says it most aptly : 提剑挎旗挥鬼雨,白骨如山鸟惊飞,尘世如潮人如水,只看江湖几人回; the meaning of 江湖 as society, and how we live in this contemporary society.
Tan Shao Han – the straight man – will enter Tsui Hark’s world through this perspective talking about how the film has influenced his thoughts on ideas of masculinity, honour, duty and social responsibility, as he was growing up as a young man in Singapore; while, Richard Chua – the gay man – will use Brigitte Lin’s two famous lines in the movie – (1) 我为天下人洒血断头,可是天下又有几人记得我东方不败?其实负心的,应该是天下人- and (2) 所谓江山如此多娇,引无数英雄尽折腰 – as entry points into how he perceives the world against gay people who live within in.
The event is jointly organised by Post-Museum and Theatrex Asia. Tickets to the film screening and talk can be purchased at $20 on from Theatrex Asia (CLICK HERE). All monies will be donated to Post-Museum and Food #03‘s Soup Kitchen Programme.

{UPDATE} A Marriage of Convenience, 7pm @ Forth Gallery (69A Pagoda Street) {UPDATE}

A Marriage of Convenience looks at the output of a group of artists (Nicholas Cai, Aida Dolrahim, Aiman Hakim and Aisha Ramat) dealing with issues concerning the idea of oppression, and static conformity, being moulded into something that Singapore’s conservative and orthodox societyNicholas Chai - Untitled (2009) in general, deems as acceptable, suppressing ones desires, resulting in closeted obsessions. This exhibition also addresses and explores the notion of ideologies and ideals while questioning their relation and impact to the current reality.

‘A Marriage of Convenience’ will be publicized as a ‘wedding’ to tie to the idea of the title which suggests the intent of ‘marrying to cover up ones sexual identity in cases where the consequences are punishable or potentially detrimental’. Having that mentioned, wedding invites will be distributed for the opening night, a celebration of art and sexuality. The exhibition runs until 1 September 2009.

Are we there yet? 7:45 pm @ 72-13

The AWARE saga and proposed Penal Code amendments provoked discussion about gender, sexuality and equality.

Where were queer women in the discussions? What is our agenda and how should we represent ourselves?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Findings from Sayoni’s bi-ennial national survey of queer women in Singapore in Singapore are presented and a panel of queer women start the discussion.

Sayoni’s flagship women’s forum at IndigNation is a much-anticipated highlight of the queer woman’s calendar and this year is no different. All are welcome. You wouldn’t want to miss this. 

23 August, Sunday

Sungei Buloh Nature Walk, 9-11am @ Visitor Centre, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves

Following on from “I’m a VolunQueer! Celebrating Volunteers who are Queer”, Bian Tan, an experienced volunteer nature guide, will be conducting a tour of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore’s unique natural conservation site. The guided tour will meet at 8.45am at the Reserve’s visitor centre, which is located at 301 Neo Tiew Crescent. From Kranji MRT station, you can take SMRT bus number 925, and alight at the Reserve’s entrance.


The group will leave the visitor centre promptly at 9am. The tour is conducted free of charge, but the usual admission fee into the Reserve applies ($1 for adults & 50 cents for children. What a bargain!). The whole tour will take approximately 2 hrs. You are advised to wear long pants, comfortable walking shoes or sandals,  a hat to keep out the sun and to bring your own insect repellent, snacks and water if desired.

The group size is limited to 15 people, so please send an email to before 22 August to indicate your interest. For more information about the Reserve, visit Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves’ website.

Rascals Presentation II: Jun and Miak, 3pm @ 72-13

Chronicling gay history in Singapore, Jun and Miak will present papers on the recent political happenings on Thio Li-Ann and Thio Su-Mein respectively in the area of  theological and sexual politics in Singapore.

Jun Zubillaga-Pow: From Homosexual to Homosocial: The Disembodiment of Singaporean Gay Space

** Pre-reading material: Memo by Thio Li-Ann (

Miak Siew: The Conservative Majority: Examining the Emergence of a Vocal Conservative Minority in Singapore


Triple bill: Kings and condoms, 7 pm @ 72-13

otto_mathia_talkMichael Jackson and The Man In The Mirror

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s passing, Otto Fong reflects on what he – a gay Asian who studied in America – learnt from African Americans before, during and after Jackson’s reign as the King of Pop.

The Same Ties That Bind

A 20-minute video exploration of the various elements that determine a gay person’s acceptance within the family: love, prejudice, religion. (

How can we talk about the taboo and the illegal?

Mathia Lee in her talk discusses the challenges she faced as a Comprehensive Sexuality Education instructor, in bringing into the classroom topics like homosexuality, underaged sex, STI/HIV destigmatisation, condom usage, and trust and abuse.

In sum, this forum looks at the process of acknowledging a gay person in our midst, and dealing with issues of self-acceptance, family acceptance and education. 


 26 August Wednesday

《放心》同类原创词曲演唱会, 8pm @ Play (21 Tanjong Pagar Road)

Setting Free: Tin and his friends are back for a 3rd time! Come this 26 August at Play, with the same veterans:  Shawn on keyboard, Rasull on winds, Henry, Rabil, Nathan, Shirlene, and an old friend of mine, Alfred. New songs and new compositions among some returning favourites (mostly in Mandarin). These are songs that represent and speak out to us. And with the passing of a big star, Tin and friends will remember him with two songs: one that’s befitting of IndigNation, and one that’s befitting for everyone, for all of us.

Tickets at $19 each can be purchase here. Otherwise, tickets at the door cost $22. 

28 August Friday

Censorship: Homosexual Lifestyle and Freedom of Expression, 7.30pm @ Post-Museum

Most of us are aware of the censorship on Sean Penn’s speech when receiving his Oscar. We have also read reports about the fine imposed on a TV station for broadcasting an interior design programme showing the home of a same sex couple with kids.The 2003 Censorship Committee Review Report acknowledged that Singapore is a heterogenous society and diversity should be celebrated in the media. We can no longer have a “one size fits all” approach. Is this really the case? What is “homosexual lifestyle”?

What is the role of the media and censorship? What do we like to see changed? Should “hate speeches” against gays be censored? Is the LGBT a marginalized community rather than a minority because of our censorship policies? Should its treatment be different for the news?This is a forum where people will be invited to share their experiences and opinions on this subject. George Hwang and Tan Tarn How will discuss about the issues concerning the censorship of homosexuals, within and without the arts.

29 August Saturday

United We Fall, Divided We Stand?, Debate, 2pm @ 72 -13

LGBTQ – an umbrella term that seemingly unites us, in our diversity. We automatically assume that our non-heterosexuality means we are one community, with common goals and a common space. But are we really? Can men and women really work together in the gay rights movement? Are our differences too great, or are our common goals sufficient to keep us united?United We Fall; Divided We Stand?

A panel of men and women experienced in working with the community take on this question in a debate format, exploring the questions from different angles and perspectives. Expect a night where we confront the dust bunnies under our carpet, and hopefully emerge with a better understanding of where we can head.


30 August Sunday

StagNation: gay history… gay history?, 3pm @ 72-13 


As part of our focus on gay history in Singapore, Jun will give a talk by historicizing the happenings and moments of Singapore’s history in the 60s and 70s, where LGBT-related issues are being discussed alongside the everyday lives of homosexuals and transsexuals. The info is drawn from newspaper cuttings and the national archives. Come hear about the unknown past!

Memorial Service for Anthony Yeo, 5pm @ 72-13

Memorial 800 x 600OogaChaga would be holding a memorial service to honour its advisor, Mr Anthony Yeo’s contributions and his support for the GLBTQ community as an advocate and leader. It will be a time to relive Anthony’s unconditional love, passion for humanity and life, as well as remember the man we all deeply respect. Everyone are welcome to attend this memorial, those who would like to share short eulogies please feel free to do so. For more details, please email

ContraDiction, 7pm @ 72-13 [R18 !!!]

Our highly anticipated, annual queer literary reading is back!  Curated and emceed by Ng Yi-Sheng, the fifth edition of ContraDiction will feature poetry, fiction, song, slam, drama and invective by a range of LGBT writers.  Guests include Jasmine Seah, Zhuang Yisa, Chrystal Wang, Lee Yew Leong, Irfan Kasban, Iris Judotter and Leona Lo. This culminates in the official closing party with a surprise act in store for IndigNation 2010!




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